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Full Length Comedy, 1M 1W
When PEG, a 70-something, Irish Catholic bird lover meets IRVING, a 70-something Jewish, metal detector-toting East Coaster on an online dating site, it feels like love at first click. But after their crazy margarita-filled first date, complete with body shots and morning-after tattoos, PEG and IRVING find that they still have a little aging to do if they want to forget their past and move forward into a future together.

This World We know
Full Length Drama, 2W, 2M
This World We Know tells the story of estranged siblings Charlotte and Neil entangled in the lives of their younger selves. When they reunite to make decisions about their future, they are surprised to discover the truth of their past. Now, they must choose between nurturing or severing the roots of their family tree.

Full Length Comic Drama, 1W, 2M
In the current tough economic climate, a working mom realtor and her stay-at-home husband must reappraise their assets, including her aging father and his new motor home; but when they take away his keys, they learn love is not a loan that can be repaid. Tender is a funny and topical drama about the debt we owe our parents, the interest we charge our children, and the price of forgiveness.

The Rorschach Play
Full Length Comic Drama, 3W, 3M
Intelligent and moving, In The Fold draws on fact and fiction to investigate the role of love, faith, and human connection in skeptical times.

In Act One, 1922 and the Present crisscross and nearly collide as three couples navigate their tangible fears, comic obsessions, and heart-breaking secrets.

Can new love help Justin and Aimee heal old wounds and pursue new futures? Will a single lie be enough to destroy Hermann Rorschach's already failing career and his relationship with Emil, his most trusted colleague? Will Olive overcome her mourning and step forward into a relationship with Dana?

The answers to these questions elude them, as their lives, like one of Rorschach's inkblots, merge and blend into one another without a clear design. At least not one that's clear to them.

In Act Two, time collapses. Each of our characters is avoiding something, be it failure, desire, life, or connection and struggling to find meaning in the mess. But, as they discover a new outlook on the randomness, and the kindness, of life, they draw closer to deciphering the inkblot.

Banished Children of Eve
Full Length Drama, 3W, 5M
Commissioned by Irish Repertory Theatre in New York and adapted from the novel by Peter Quinn, Banished Children of Eve tells a theatrical story of Irish-American and African-American characters struggling to survive the bloodiest urban riots in our country's history. Set against the backdrop of Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Civil War, these itinerant actors and artists, lovers and swindlers come face to face with who they were, who they are, and who they desperately want to be.

Once a Marine
Full Length Drama, 3W, 3M
Major Clayton Waters, a shell-shocked marine, returns home from Iraq having suffered a traumatic memory loss of the last fifteen years. He has no recollection of the wife he left behind, Katie, and he only remembers his sister Shauna as being a little girl. The only woman he does remember and the one he came back for is his first love from fifteen years ago, Marisol. She has not heard from him in over a decade, until she starts receiving letters from him in Iraq.

His bittersweet homecoming not only rekindles lost love, but also dredges up the most painful of memories, especially the loss between a husband and wife. Clayton must choose between a future of blissful ignorance, and a past of buried grief.

But he is not the one who will decide.

Why Wyoming
Full Length Comic Drama, 3W, 3M
A young Hollywood starlet returns to her native state for her next film shoot. To prepare for the role, she calls upon a childhood friend upon whom she will base her character: an overweight, small-town mother. Nothing, however, can prepare her for the reckoning her past cruelties deserve.

A middle-aged mid-western couple have different ideas about vacation. She wants adventure, risk, thrill, and danger. He wants a spa. After a humiliating day of white water rafting, it looks like their second-marriage has hit the rocks and only one of them will continue merrily down the stream.

A man returns to cremate his father and sell off his estate. The younger brother who stayed behind has a different plan. What starts out as a dispute over their father's body and the land where they were born quickly turns into an unearthing of childhood memories and regret. This final meeting threatens more than just the loss of land, but the loss of brotherhood itself.

Epiphany Cake
Full Length Comedy, 5W
A mother-daughter book group in Los Angeles anticipates the arrival of a New Yorker writer doing an article on them (and secretly the lack of literary culture in Los Angeles). The women were so excited about the evening that they all forgot one crucial ingredient: to read the book. In their comic struggle to save face, their alliances change, secrets are exposed, and the line between fact and fiction is not only blurred, but flat out erased. Act One is a desperate attempt for Barbara, Marie, Candice, and Beth to pass as readers. They talk about the book based only on their quick reading of the back cover. Completely misunderstanding the story, they not only get caught, but the writer, Alice, turns out to be the actual author of the novel. Act Two is a desperate attempt to pick up the pieces, and, for Alice, a comic attempt to escape LA. But now that the secret is out it leads to one can of worms after another: race vs. class, LA vs. NY, mothers vs. daughters. The women turn themselves inside out and force each other to face the truths about their lives and the fictions they have been living.

Off Compass
Full Length Drama, 1W, 3M
Highway 50, which old maps call The Loneliest Road, goes from San Francisco, California to Ocean City, Maryland. Highway 83, called The Road to Nowhere by the same old maps, goes from Swan River, Manitoba to Brownsville, Texas. They crisscross in Garden City, Kansas, where the drama takes place. This play explores the intersection of human loneliness and the desire for anywhere and nowhere. A fraudulent artist, a boy on the verge of manhood, an unwilling father figure, and a woman finally in the driver's seat discover that loneliness often leads to deception, especially if it offers a way out. The play is a modern recasting of American myth from Elvis Presley to the Wizard of Oz where four unlikely travelers yearn for courage, a brain, a heart, and a way home. How they get what they want is a different story.